Flamboyant Fiesta

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Flamboyant Fiesta: By Popular Demand, Rosie Herrera Returns to American Dance Festival Last year, Rosie Herrera casually strode onto the Duke University campus to set the work that would become the smash hit of ADF's 76th season entitled "Various Stages of Drowning: A Cabaret" on ADF students. Refreshingly surprising, rip-roaringly funny, and swanky cool, Herrera's work wowed. This year, she returned July 12-14 with the World Premiere of "Pity Party", an ADF commissioned piece featuring her own company of dancers. Various Stages of Drowning" filled the other half of the evening's show. The major problem with "Pity Party" on July 12th was that it was billed in the program as the second of two pieces that Herrera would show that evening. The folks at ADF neglected to mention pre-show that the order of the two pieces were switched, so the entirety of the "Pity Party" viewing experience seemed much like a surprising yet cunning parody of "Various Stages of Drowning." Did she rework the
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PublisherWorld Dance Reviews
StatePublished - Jul 12 2010


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