Extragalactic X-ray binaries from 0.5-30 keV with Chandra and NuSTAR

A.E. Hornschemeier, B. Lehmer, M. Yukita, D.R. Wik, A. Ptak, J. Tyler, A. Zezas, Thomas Maccarone, T.M. Venters, K. Bechtol, M. Argo, F. Harrison, D. Stern, NuSTAR Team

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


An important ingredient in starburst galaxies is the population of black holes and neutron stars contained in accreting binary populations. We report on X-ray binary (XRB) populations in six nearby starburst galaxies using focused images over 0.5-30 keV with Chandra and NuSTAR. We use a set of hard X-ray color-color and color-count rate diagnostics developed using archival RXTE data, allowing identification of the much fainter extragalactic XRBs. We consistently find that the hard X-ray emission from these galaxies is dominated by XRBs (black holes and neutron stars) except in the well-known Compton-thick AGN candidate Arp 299. The detected XRBs appear dominated by intermediate-state black holes and the overall L_X is dominated by a handful of ULXs whose spectrum is overall well-described by a soft turnover. We discuss the cosmic implications of these results, including for the 7 Ms Chandra Deep Field survey, which will have just finished being observed at the time of the January 2015
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Jan 2015


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