Experiments towards active delamination control

D. L. Steadman, S. V. Hanagud, S. N. Atluri

Research output: Contribution to journalConference articlepeer-review


We have conducted experiments to prove the feasibility of using an imposed thermal field to actively control the magnitude of interlaminar stresses that can lead to the initiation and growth of delaminations. Our overall objective is to design a controller to decrease these interlaminar stresses to a prescribed safe level using an applied thermal field. To accomplish this objective, we developed a method of measuring interlaminar normal stress, using piezoelectric sensors as three-dimensional strain transducers. Then, we measured a controlled reduction in interlaminar stress at the edge of a cross-ply composite plate subjected to axial load. To our knowledge, this work represents the first time an interlaminar stress distribution has been determined experimentally and controlled.


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