Ethnic conflict in Latin American geography: an instructional strategy.

G. S. Elbow

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Attempts to 1) develop a conceptual framework for dealing with ethnic relations in Latin America, and 2) recommend strategies for the development of instructionals to illustrate the nature of ethnic relations in Latin America. Suggests that in regional textbooks the authors outline the distribution of Blacks, Indians and whites, and they detail the historical antecedents that explain the distribution of ethnic groups and their cultural attributes. However, they rarely allude to conflicts that are commonplace where ethnic groups come into contact. Presents a scheme for considering ethnic relations based upon Morton Fried's research. The paper recommends and cites examples from literature which may be used to alert students to ethnic relations and conflicts in Latin America.-Author

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)35-44
Number of pages10
JournalConference of Latin Americanist Geographers, Special Publication
StatePublished - 1982


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