Enhancement of horizontal tube spray film evaporators.

M. C. Chyu, A. E. Bergles, F. Mayinger

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A study of evaporation enhancement in a horizontal tube spray film evaporator is described. A single-tube electrically heated apparatus was developed for this study. The Linde 'High Flux' and Wieland 'Gewa-T' surfaces as well as a reference smooth tube surface were tested, with water as the working fluid. In addition to the surface aging, surface subcooling, and rate and direction of heat flux change were explored as variables. Geometry and feed rate were found to be the primary variables. Enhancements with the Linde surfaces were large and comparable to those obtained in flooded pool boiling, due to promotion of nucleate boiling in the film. The Wieland surfaces, on the other hand, greatly enhanced convective heat transfer but did not promote boiling at low wall superheat. (A)

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationIN
Subtitle of host publicationHEAT TRANSFER 1982, PROC. SEVENTH INT. HEAT TRANSFER CONF., (MUNICH, FED. REP. GERMANY: SEP. 6-10, 1982), U. GRIGULL; E.
PublisherHemispherePublishing Corp
Volume6 , Washington, U.S.A., Hemisphere Publishing Corp., 1982, Paper HX20, p.275-280. (ISBN 0-89116-299-2)
ISBN (Print)0891162992, 9780891162995
StatePublished - 1982


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