Dual-readout calorimetry, an integrated high-resolution solution for energy measurements at future electron–positron colliders

M. Antonello, M. Caccia, R. Ferrari, S. Franchino, G. Gaudio, J. Hauptman, S. Lee, L. Pezzotti, F. Salvatore, R. Santoro, I. Vivarelli, R. Wigmans

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


Future circular electron–positron colliders operating at s=90, 160, 240 and 350 GeV as Z, W, H and t factories will demand experiments with superior momentum and energy resolution for all the possible final-state particles produced. The IDEA Detector aims at satisfying these requests by exploiting an ultra-light drift chamber as the largest central tracker and a dual-readout fiber calorimeter for both electromagnetic and hadronic energy measurements. In this paper I review the dual-readout calorimeter baseline choices, as well as the related R&D work.



  • Dual-readout calorimetry
  • Future colliders
  • IDEA Detector

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