Development of improved triggered vacuum switches

T. Warren, J. Dickens, A. Neuber, M. Kristiansen, G. Frazier, I. R. McNab

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Triggered Vacuum Switches (TVS) are being evaluated for use in energizing electrical loads that require rapid and efficient switching of currents on command as well as the ability to interrupt at current zero crossing. Relatively few switching alternatives are available at the high currents (>250 kA) and voltages (>10 kV) needed. The TVSs used in recent pulsed power systems have demonstrated an ability to switch significant currents and interrupt at the zero current crossing, but they are not yet as effective as desired. In particular, higher current operation and faster dielectric recovery would be beneficial. The intent of this research is to expand the understanding of the physics of the vacuum switch (especially the opening phase) and to extend the operating parameters.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages4
StatePublished - 1999
Event12th IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference - Monterey, CA, USA
Duration: Jun 27 1999Jun 30 1999


Conference12th IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference
CityMonterey, CA, USA


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