Demonstration and analysis of a combined wind-solar energy conversion system.

L. Icerman, A. Swift, W. Cargal, Build Corp Solar

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    The current proof-of-concept demonstration project consists of two integrated components: an experimental programme to construct and operate a model combined wind-solar energy conversion system and an analytical programme to model the performance of full-sized combined wind-solar system designs. The experimental program is designed to: investigate systems integration problems; test the concept of combined wind-solar systems; monitor the operation of a scale-model system; and provide empirical data to validate performance simulations. The analytical phase is developing a computer simulation model to: compare combined wind-solar system operation with solar- and wind-only designs; analyze the impact of a combined wind-solar system on optimal storage capacities; and translate the empirical results of the system model testing program into useful general design information and performance evaluations of full-scale combined wind-solar system designs. (A)

    Original languageEnglish
    Journal[No source information available]
    StatePublished - 1980


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