Culturas de España: Una perspectiva histórica y temática, 2nd edition.

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From the publisher: Overview Developed for Spanish students at the fifth-semester level or higher, this reader can be used as the main text in a civilization, culture, or reading course. A departure from traditional texts, which present Spanish civilization as a neutral recounting of historical facts, events and data, Culturas de España develops the notion that history, culture, and civilization are concepts under constant construction. The student-centered approach of this reader puts students in direct contact with authentic texts and visual materials from throughout Spain's history and promotes critical thinking through engaging activities. Accessible, comprehensive coverage is presented in 13 chapters that illuminate the major historical periods and cultural movements of Spain from prehistoric times to the present day. A chronological, cultural history of Spain unfolds in the first eight chapters of the text, along with the introductory chapter. Each of these chapters op
Original languageEnglish
Edition2nd edition
StatePublished - Nov 2013


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