Cinematógrafo, edición digital / Digital Edition

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This is a digital edition in the series 'Colección Madrid en la Literatura de la Edad de Plata,' a digital project co-sponsored by the National Library of Spain, Mnemosine and Madrid's Complutense University. I invest time in this international collaboration with the purpose of learning how to teach TTU graduate students how to create digital editions of this kind in the future and to recover lost literary works related to my own research, with an eye toward creating a repository in our TTU Library. This project will be put on hold until Professor Larson's duties as Director of Spanish and Portuguese conclude in Spring of 2019. Digital Texts produced to date: <br><br>PROYECTO eLITE<br>GRUPO LOEP (La otra Edad de Plata- UCM)<br>COLECCIÓN MADRID EN LA LITERATURA DE LA EDAD DE PLATA<br><br>1.- Cuento: El método de Carranque de Ríos (Revista Estampa, 17 de junio de 1933)<br><br><br>2.- Cuento: Seis horas dentro de un taxi d
Original languageEnglish
PublisherNational Library of Spain
StatePublished - Nov 18 2018


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