Caprock Canyon State Park Bison Fest

Kenneth Baake (Other)

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Attached is the Bison Fest Poster that explains some of the festivities but I just wanted to give you an overview of how things will work.

We will be located on the sidewalk of Quitaque where I think you guys will get lots of visitation since this is also where a lot of the food and craft vendors will be located. We will start at 10:00 a.m. We will probably end at around 4:00 p.m. as this is when the first band will begin to play. However, if it seems that it isn’t too loud and that there are still lots of folks dropping by the living history, it will be up to you if you’d like to stick around for a while.

We will be serving pizza for lunch. If there is any type of special needs for lunch, please let me know. Supper will be provided for you inside the Quitaque Country Club and will consist of BBQ and all the fixings as a thank you for helping out with our biggest event of the year!

I can put you in the overflow area at the park. There will probably be several other people there as well. Some that are helping with the event and some that are just visitors as camping reservations have been full for quite some time now for the event. Hope that is okay with you.

All the festivities and proceeds for the event will benefit the Texas State Bison Herd Restoration efforts in the park. Although this is very much a music event, I have always wanted an educational/historic presence at BisonFest since we all know that bison have shaped our history in Texas and this a great opportunity to educate, celebrate, and help secure their future!

Please be patient with me this year for the living history demonstrations at Bison Fest as this is our first year to incorporate it into Bison Fest outside of the park and I’m sure that there will be some kinks that I haven’t worked out yet and have overlooked. Also, I will be pulled in many different directions during the event but my ultimate and first priority is my living history folks!

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StatePublished - Sep 23 2017


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