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The organic styles lines of 'Buprestid' were designed after the pattern on a beetle’s hard shell, while the jacket was fashioned after a beetle’s pincers. Stag beetles are one of the largest species of beetle. The most distinctive feature of the stag beetle is its long antler-like pincers, which protrude from the head. The pincers on the male beetles are generally reserved for male-to-male combat when it comes time to woo a female.

The dress and jacket are made from 100% silk dupioni, while the embroidery consists of cotton embroidery floss and rayon cording. The dress features stylized princess seams of a contrasting royal blue dupioni, as well as a hand embroidered accent on the skirt. In order to achieve a three-dimensional effect with the embroidery, a rayon cord was appliqued onto the dress, fully covering the cord using buttonhole stitching. Each sleeve of the jacket is attached at the under arm, but open at the shoulders, creating a faux look of detachable sleeves.

Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Mar 10 2016


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