Asymptotic ratio of harmonic measures of sides of a boundary slit

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Let l be a Jordan arc in the upper half-plane ℍ with the initial point at z = 0. For ζ ∈ l, let ω+(a, ζ) and ω(a, ζ) denote the harmonic measures of the left and right shores of the slit lζ⊂ ℍ along the portion of the arc l travelled from 0 to ζ. In one of the seminars within the “Complex Analysis and Integrable Systems” semester held at the Mittag-Leffler Institute in 2011, D. Prokhorov suggested a study of the limit behavior of the quotient ω(a, ζ)/ω+(a, ζ) as ζ → 0 along l. In recent publications, D. Prokhorov and his coauthors discussed this problem and proved several results for smooth slits. In this paper, we study the limit behavior of ω+(a, ζ)/ω(a, ζ) for a broader class of continuous slits which includes radially and angularly oscillating slits. Some related questions concerning behavior of the driving term of the corresponding chordal Löwner equation are also discussed.

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  • Boundary slits
  • Harmonic measure
  • Löwner equation


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