Assessing the wind-induced response of High-Mast Illumination Poles (HMIPs) using field data

Y. C. Chen, L. Manuel, M. A. Morovat, D. Zuo

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High-Mast Illumination Poles (HMIPs) are commonly used to provide lighting along highways and at interchanges. HMIPs are tapered steel poles fabricated in sections with heights sometimes exceeding 50 meters. In recent years, collapses of HMIPs have been reported in the United States. These collapses have been attributed, in part, to fatigue-induced damage at the HMIP shaft-to-base plate connection. In order to better understand the fatigue loading environment at the base of HMIPs, we discuss a field measurement campaign underway that is seeking to characterize associated wind loading regimes and ultimately employ the data in fatigue reliability studies. We are primarily focused on loading that is associated with buffeting and vortex shedding. Various parameters such as the mean wind speed, vertical wind profile, wind direction, and turbulence intensity estimated from the data are used to characterize the wind environment and how it results in different types of HMIP response. Strain gauges installed at the bottom of the HMIP are also used to identify vibration modes and relate response amplitudes to the wind. Stress range distributions at a detail of interest - conditional on 5-minute averaged wind field parameters - are estimated from the field data. Together with uncertainty assessments of fatigue capacity, to be established separately from ongoing laboratory measurements, a framework to assess the reliability against fatigue damage of HMIPs under different wind regimes is developed. While measurements from four HMIPs are being gathered, only data from a site in Austin, Texas are presented here. The presence of pre-existing cracks from a galvanizing process often used with HMIPs and how they influence fatigue life is a separate subject of investigation for which the present study is relevant.

Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 2017
Event2017 13th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering, ACWE 2017 - Gainesville, United States
Duration: May 21 2017May 24 2017


Conference2017 13th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering, ACWE 2017
Country/TerritoryUnited States


  • Buffeting
  • High-mast illumination poles
  • Vortex shedding
  • Wind-induced vibration


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