Artists of Utah

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The allure of the sea is felt by anyone who has lived with it for a time. Many transplants who revel in the natural splendors of Utah, for example, still find themselves longing for the ocean, for its sublime expanse and magnetic pull — if the Pacific started somewhere around Wendover, they muse, the state would be complete. Cody Arnall felt that pull when, while he was teaching in landlocked Kentucky, his mind was drawn back to the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, and his visits to his great-grandmother in Lake Charles. Interstate 10, the southern highway that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific, was the route he traveled to Lake Charles during his university days in Baton Rouge. The elevated section of the highway, where it passes over swamplands and coastlines, provides the title for his piece: “The Elevated Section of Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway.” It is a prosaic rather than poetic evocation of the sea, not the idyllic image of the Pacific that Intermountain westerners
Original languageEnglish
PublisherArtists of Utah
StatePublished - Nov 2 2016


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