An experimental comparison between actual valve and benchmark valve using modified design and optimized design

Saleh Ahmed, Hossein Emadi, Lloyd Heinze, Khalid Elwegaa, Fathi Elldakli

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Actual gas lift valve and Benchmark valve are both being used in gas lift to inject gas and maximize the oil production. These valves contain several components and the only adjustable components are the ball and the seat. Previous experimental studies on gas lift performance have examined only a few parameters at a time. To provide a more complete overview of the process, this study compares the performance of actual valve and Benchmark valve using different seats and ball sizes atinjection pressure of 600 psi. Twoseat designs were investigated in this experimental study: Modified and optimized seat designs. The effects of ball diameters, Port Top Diameter (PTD) and Port Bottom Diameter (PBD) for modified and optimized seat designs were examined. 16 seat sizes and 6 different ball sizes were used for both actual valve and benchmark valve to investigate the best gas throughput. The results of lab studiesshow that actual valve is better than benchmark valve in terms of gas throughput. The gas flow rate using actual valve was higher than using benchmark valve by between 35% to 40% for the optimized and modified designs respectively. The results also show that the best case in modified and optimized design using Benchmarkvalve and actual valve individuallyis when Port Bottom Diameter (PBD) 6/16inch, Port Top Diameter (PTD) 8/16 inch with ball size 7/16 inch (1/16 in smaller than PTD). The best ball and seat design of the optimized design using actual gas lift valve could be implemented in field application to improve the oil production.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)64-73
Number of pages10
JournalSSRG International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 2020


  • Artificial Gas Lift
  • Ball Configuration
  • Gas Lift Valve
  • Gas Throughput
  • Seat Size


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