Acoustic properties of environmentally benign automotive natural fiber composites

D. V. Parikh, N. D. Sachinvala, Y. Chen, L. Sun, G. Bhat, S. Ramkumar

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Natural fiber composites have excellent appearance, environmental benefits, and are lighter than fiberglass. The acoustic properties of potential floor coverings used either alone or in combination with a cotton nonwoven underpad were determined. Using various weight ratios of natural to synthetic fibers, air-laid needlepunched, and carded needlepunched moldable composites were produced from kenaf, jute, waste cotton, and flax with recycled polyester (PET) and off-quality polypropylene (PP). Control fabrics were made from PET and PP. ASTM E 1050 was used to determine acoustical properties of the composites. Each of the natural fiber based nonwoven floor coverings contributed to noise reduction because of their absorptive properties as compared to control fabrics. A soft cotton underpad greatly enhanced the sound absorption properties of the nonwoven floor coverings.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
Specialist publicationAATCC Review
StatePublished - Jan 2006


  • Acoustics
  • Automotive textiles
  • Composites
  • Natural fibers
  • Nonwovens


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