3- 2020 Friendly Ghost

Aaron Hegert (Other)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


Group exhibition curated by emerging curator Aaron Mulligan at NYC gallery with international reputation. Press release below-<br><br><b>Friendly Ghost</b> is a digital offering of web-based works, musings, and resources in the time of COVID-19. The internet has always served as a powerful alternative, a virtual arena of action that, while not replacing our local situations, has revealed potentials that amplify our capacity to act collectively. In this time of isolation, where many of us are left alone with our thoughts and our internet connections, we seek to examine and utilize the online sphere as a way of lessening the distance. How is a story told six feet (or more) apart? How is an exhibition coded? How does an artist paint digital proximities? Where do artists sit in the algorithm? Let’s imagine new ways of relating, of building social space, and of anticipating an alternative means of animating our social body now, while the Friendly Ghost is activated. <br><br><b>Friendly Ghost</b> is curated by Aaron Mulligan, and opens with works by: Camille Yvert, Tony Gonzalez, Noah Travis Phillips, Jamie Raap, Cassie Shao, Everything is Collective, Ian Bruner, Brian Zegeer, Nichole Shinn, and Paige Landesberg.<br><br>Spike Art Review- https://www.spikeartmagazine.com/articles/view-new-york
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - May 10 2020


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