2016 REVIEWS-Shades of Sound: Chamberworks for Flute and Piano

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Shades of Sound: Chamber Works for Flute and Piano – Lisa Garner Santa, flute – Natalyia Sukhina, Piano: Compact Disc released on MSR Classics August 2015 “Featuring fine playing and an intriguing programme, Lisa Garner Santa’s recital was selected to explore ‘the internal aspects of shade and light’. In doing so, it coalesces into one soothing, pleasant wash of sound dominated by Jake Heggie’s exquisite Soliloquy… Santa’s playing of the heartbreaking melody connects with the music’s profound message of peace through consolation…the sound of both Santa’s flute and Nataliya Sukhina’s graceful piano-playing is, like the performances, lovely and mild.” – Laurence Vittes, Gramophone, April 2016 “It is a performance (Bowen Sonata) of the utmost honesty: that reposeful first movement is beautifully performed, while the central Andante piacevole is truly gorgeous sonically (not for nothing is Bowen sometimes called the “English Rakhmaninoff”); the finale is playful and sprightly, its nat
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Jun 1 2016


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